Pro Home Inspections LLC is located in Gladwin, Michigan, and performs home inspections throughout the Gladwin, Houghton Lake, and surrounding areas.  The company strives to provide the highest possible quality home inspections and utilizes thermal imaging techniques to maximize the amount of information it can provide to potential home buyers and home owners.  Inspectors perform thermal imaging using an infrared camera, which allows for the home inspector to visualize small differences in temperature.  This technology can help detect areas of energy loss, potential water damage, severe insect infestations and even plumbing and electrical problems.  Thermal imaging can highlight areas that should be assessed more extensively by the inspector.


Pro Home Inspections LLC encourages the client to attend the home inspection.  The inspector can then point out any issues as they are discovered.  This will also allow the client to ask any questions he or she may have pertaining to the inspection. The inspector will take the time needed to address all of your concerns. The inspector will then take the photographs and other data back to the office where a formal report will be prepared. A copy of the formal report will normally be available for download (pdf) or placed in U.S. mail within twenty four hours of the inspection (usually sooner). If the client has any questions about the report at anytime during this process he or she may call the inspector. Actually, if you have any questions about your report at any time while you still own the home Pro Home Inspections LLC will be happy to assist you, just give us a call!


  • Appointments available 7 days a week.
  • Payment is due at time of inspection.
  • Payment by check or cash


Pricing for home inspections up to 2000 sq. ft.: $350
Homes larger than 2000 sq. ft.:  Call for quote


Water Tests
Normally we conduct three separate water tests, they are:

  • Water Coli forms ( total & E. coli )
  • Automated Partial Chemistry
  • Arsenic

The total cost for these three tests is $125.00. Other tests are available and can be added for the additional cost of the laboratory fees only.

Septic System Inspections
We normally do not conduct septic system inspections because we believe often your money could be better spent hiring a septic tank pumping company that does inspections. They can inspect the system and pump the tank if needed and do an inspection of the tank interior. We find many times people forget about their systems until they have a problem. The tanks which require routine pumping based on use and other factors often are in need of pumping. So unless the permit is available showing an approved system was installed (which should be on record at the local health department) and recent records are available showing the last time the tank was inspected and or pumped we feel you are better off getting the tank pumped and inspected by a company that deals with these systems daily for your peace of mind.Some companies even have cameras they can snake into the drain field, which in our opinion, provides the best level of system condition available. We have concerns about septic system inspections such as flood and dye testing that we will happy to discuss with you if you like. Septic systems can be very expensive to repair or replace, don’t settle for less than the the most thorough informative inspection available. We have included some informative links on are links page which you should read before getting any type of septic inspection.

All inspections come with a free copy of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection”.  This 95 page book explains how your home works, how to keep it maintained, and how to save energy.


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